Sir David Attenborough Acknowledges Ortu Gable Hall Recycling Efforts


At Gable Hall School we are looking at methods to reduce and recycle plastics. As you may be aware, plastics have become a major concern around the world.  Plastics kill marine life, clog rivers and are difficult to decompose. It has also been discovered that plastics called micro plastics are now found in our bodies. At Gable Hall we are carrying out the following actions to reduce and recycle plastics:

SSLT students will be coordinating a project to reduce and recycle plastics across various departments in the school.  

Miss Smith of Science has created a giant plastic wave display, in room 411. (Image below).

Miss Van Os of Science took a picture of a display on the Impact of plastics and asked Sir David Attenborough (Currently the Most Popular man in the UK) to sign it. (Picture below.)

The school will be looking at ways to reduce the sales of plastic bottles and promote the use of water bottles.

The School will also be looking at various recycling approaches.

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